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Progress in Natural Science

Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of ClickCopy
1140488740209683 NSFC and MRC MOU Signed Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):12-12 10496
1140488740189755 Some Latest Achievements in Research on Environment and its Evolution in Lop Nur Region Xia Xuncheng,Zhao Yuanjie 2005,13(2):18-24 9754
1140488740195288 Reflections on Medical Science Papers Published by 2004 Nobel Prize Laureates in Physiology and Medicine Duan Zhiguang 2005,13(2):54-59 9434
1140488740191054 Urban Integrated Transportation Planning Based on Transit Oriented Development and its Research Challenges Lu Huapu 2005,13(2):30-35 9159
1140488740200108 Prof. Chen Yiyu Met with the Director General for Research from the French Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):3-3 9056
1140488740207032 Prof. Zhu Zuoyan Met with Prof. Julia Higgins Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):10-10 8839
1140488740202917 RFBR Delegation Visited China Liu Xiuping 2005,13(2):5-5 8742
1140488740198010 Prof. Sun Jiaguang Headed a NSFC Science Policy Delegation to the UK and Italy Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):1-1 8734
1140488740211405 President Chen Yiyu Attended the 3rd Meeting of Heads of Research Cou Zhang Yinglan 2005,13(2):14-14 8590
1140488740197208 Study on Sustainable Development Capability of Shandong Province Ren Ziping,Luo Qishan,Wang Yanchun,Deng Hongbing,Zhao Jingzhu 2005,13(2):66-71 8576
1140488740199426 Prof. Shen Wenqing Met with the Executive Director of APCTP Zhang Yinglan 2005,13(2):2-2 8548
1140488740196254 Recent Progress of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Pigs Xu Xiaoming,Dou Zhongying 2005,13(2):60-65 8520
1140488740213545 NSFC-CIHR MOU on Joint Health Research Program Signed in Beijing Liu Xiuping 2005,13(2):16-16 8453
1140488740201624 Prof. Wang Jie Met with the NRCT Delegation Zhang Yongtao,Zhang Mei 2005,13(2):4-4 8363
1140488740204493 DNRF’s President Visited NSFC Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):7-7 8301
1140488740203040 Prof. Chen Yiyu Met with Prof. Robert Keith O’Nions Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):6-6 8113
1140488740212962 NSFC Delegation Visited the National Research Council of Thailand Zhang Yinglan 2005,13(2):15-15 8093
1140488740205339 Prof. Zhu Zuoyan and Prof. Wang Jie Met with the ASRT Delegation Zhang Yinglan,Zhang Mei 2005,13(2):8-8 7991
1140488740208903 China-UK Workshop on Cancer Held in Beijing Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):11-11 7911
1140488740210536 Prof. Zhu Zuoyan and Prof. Wang Jie Met with Director of IIASA Zhang Yinglan,Zhang Mei 2005,13(2):13-13 7898
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