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Progress in Natural Science

Ranking of the papers with high impact

Total  1220 Records  Total  61 Pages  No.1   First Page Last Page Jump To Page
Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
20080136 Porous Anodic Metal Oxides Zixue Su, Wuzong Zhou 2008,16(1):36-55 19191
20080236 Zebrafish: A Renewed Model System For Functional Genomics Xiao-Yan Wen 2008,16(2):36-46 5924
200701041 Chinese Soil Taxonomy:A Milestone of Soil Classification in China Gong Zitong,Zhang Ganlin 2007,15(1):41-45 4759
200902036 An advance in complete oxidation of formaldehyde at low temperatures Hua Tian, Junhui He 2009,17(2):036-038 4602
140143 Epigenetic regulations in immune evasion of the deadliest malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum YIN ShiGang, CHENG Xiu, ZHANG Xu & JIANG LuBin 2014,22(1):43-56 4254
200902039 Progress in the Researches on Insect Mitochondrial Genome and Analysis of Gene Order Hu Li Jianyu Gao Haiyu Liu Wanzhi Cai 2009,17(2):039-045 3725
140157 Recent progress in room-temperature sodium-ion batteries WU XiaoYan, YU JueZhi, WANG YueSheng, MU LinQin, HU YongSheng & CHEN LiQuan 2014,22(1):57-70 3493
201002045 A Survey of Repetitive Control for Nonlinear Systems Quan Quan and Kai-Yuan Cai 2010,18(2):45-59 3198
20080248 NSFC Departments and Offices 2008,16(2):48-48 2764
20080223 Role of cyclic AMP signaling in the production and function of the incretin hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 Zhiwen Yu, Tianru Jin 2008,16(2):23-35 2596
1140488740189755 Some Latest Achievements in Research on Environment and its Evolution in Lop Nur Region Xia Xuncheng,Zhao Yuanjie 2005,13(2):18-24 2533
1140488740196254 Recent Progress of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer in Pigs Xu Xiaoming,Dou Zhongying 2005,13(2):60-65 2239
1130116479745941 MOU Signed between NSFC and SFI Lu Rongkai,Fan Yingjie 2005,13(1):1-1 2151
1140488740199426 Prof. Shen Wenqing Met with the Executive Director of APCTP Zhang Yinglan 2005,13(2):2-2 2076
200902050 New Vaccine Against Tuberculosis: Current Developments and Future Challenges Jun Liu 2009,17(2):050-058 2060
1140488740198010 Prof. Sun Jiaguang Headed a NSFC Science Policy Delegation to the UK and Italy Lu Rongkai 2005,13(2):1-1 2049
200701046 Biologically Active Substances from Higher Fungi Liu Jikai 2007,15(1):46-48 1986
1140488740195288 Reflections on Medical Science Papers Published by 2004 Nobel Prize Laureates in Physiology and Medicine Duan Zhiguang 2005,13(2):54-59 1963
1140488740191054 Urban Integrated Transportation Planning Based on Transit Oriented Development and its Research Challenges Lu Huapu 2005,13(2):30-35 1920
200901037 How Often Does Human DNA Mutate? Yali Xue 2009,17(1):037-038 1845
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