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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Copy
201701001 Earliest-known deuterostomes with big mouth but no anus Shu Degan (舒德干) 2017,25(1):1-1
201701002 Mechanistic insights into the alternative translation termination by ArfA and RF2 Gao Ning (高宁) 2017,25(1):2-2
201701003 Structure and regulation of the chromatin remodeller ISWI Chen Zhucheng (陈柱成) 2017,25(1):3-3
201701004 Molecular mechanism of mitochondrial tethering mediated by MFN1 Gao Song (高嵩) 2017,25(1):4-4
201701005 Zika virus damages the male reproductive system and leads to infertility in mice Gao Fu (高福); Li Xiangdong (李向东) 2017,25(1):5-5
201701006 Molecular mechanism revealing therapeutic opportunities of histone deacetylases inhibitors in triple-negative breast cancer Geng Meiyu (耿美玉); Ding Jian (丁健) 2017,25(1):6-6
201701007 Valley photonic crystals for control of spin and topology Dong Jianwen (董建文) 2017,25(1):7-7
201701008 Spinon excitations in a triangular-lattice quantum-spin-liquid YbMgGaO4 Zhao Jun (赵俊) ; Chen Gang (陈钢) 2017,25(1):8-8
201701009 Galectin-3 causes insulin resistance Li Pingping (李平平) 2017,25(1):9-9
201701010 The seahorse genome provides new insights into the evolution of its specialized morphology Lin Qiang (林强) 2017,25(1):10-10
201701011 Water transport through graphene capillaries made with atomic-scale precision Wang Fengchao (王奉超); Wu Heng'an (吴恒安) 2017,25(1):11-11
201701012 Mass seasonal bioflows of high-flying insect migrants Hu Gao (胡高) 2017,25(1):12-12
201701013 Mechanism for winter cold-mediated epigenetic silencing of a potent floral repressor in plants He Yuehui (何跃辉) 2017,25(1):13-13
201701014 Sources of black carbon from the Himalayan-Tibetan Plateau glaciers Kang Shichang(康世昌) 2017,25(1):14-14
201701015 REG3A defect caused by hyperglycemia delays wound healing in diabetes Lai Yuping (赖玉平) 2017,25(1):15-15
201701016 Extensive supporting cell proliferation and mitotic hair cell generation by in vivo genetic reprogramming in the neonatal mouse cochlea Li Huawei (李华伟) 2017,25(1):16-16
201701017 Tracking tonoplast protein behaviors in intact vacuoles Lin Jinxing(林金星) 2017,25(1):17-17
201701018 Genome-wide DNA methylation variations upon engineered nanomaterials and their implications in nanosafety assessment Liu Sijin (刘思金) 2017,25(1):18-18
201701019 Differences in PLP-dependent cysteinyl processing lead to diverse S-functionalization of lincosamide antibiotics Liu Wen (刘文) 2017,25(1):19-19
201701020 Emergence of carbapenem and colistin-resistant Escherichia coli in a pet cat Liu Yahong (刘雅红) 2017,25(1):20-20
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