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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Copy
201703001 Press Conference on NSFC's Project Funding Progress of 2017 Held in State Council Information Office // International Symposium on Funding Science and People Cooperation for a Prosperous Belt and Road Successfully held in Beijing 2017,25(3):1-1
201703002 NSFC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with INSF // NSFC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with MFST 2017,25(3):2-2
201703003 NSFC Signs New Agreement Annex with BRFFR // NSFC Signs MoU on Research Cooperation with SRNSF 2017,25(3):3-3
201703004 President Yang Wei Meets with European Research Council Delegation // Vice President Liu Congqiang Meets with President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 2017,25(3):4-4
201703005 Mechanism of chromatin remodeling revealed by the Snf2-nucleosome structure Chen Zhucheng (陈柱成) ; Li Xueming (李雪明) 2017,25(3):5-5
201703006 A novel lncRNA SLERT regulates DDX21 rings associated with Pol I transcription Chen Lingling (陈玲玲) 2017,25(3):6-6
201703007 A natural allele of Bsr-d1 in rice confers broad spectrum blast resistance Chen Xuewei (陈学伟) 2017,25(3):7-7
201703008 Beyond the conventional Dirac-Weyl-Majorana classification Observation of three component fermions in the topological semimetal molybdenum phosphide Ding Hong (丁洪); Qian Tian (钱天); Shi Youguo (石友国) 2017,25(3):8-8
201703009 Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes autophagy-mediated chemoresistance in patients with colorectal cancer Fang Jingyuan (房静远) 2017,25(3):9-9
201703010 How success feeds success—mouse study may tell how Hu Hailan (胡海岚) 2017,25(3):10-10
201703011 Increase in acidifying water in the western Arctic Ocean Chen Liqi (陈立奇) 2017,25(3):11-11
201703012 Alloying cobalt with ruthenium in nitrogen doped graphene layers for developing highly active hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts in alkaline media Chen Qianwang (陈乾旺) 2017,25(3):12-12
201703013 The global mean sea level rise, still accelerated Chen Xianyao (陈显尧) 2017,25(3):13-13
201703014 Modeling Rett syndrome using TALEN-edited MECP2 mutant cynomolgus monkeys Chen Yongchang (陈永昌) 2017,25(3):14-14
201703015 PINOID phosphorylates CONSTUTIVELY PHOTOMORPHOGENIC 1 and promotes photomorphogenic development in Arabidopsis Deng Xingwang (邓兴旺) 2017,25(3):15-15
201703016 Monitoring the surface evolution of a nanoporous core-shell electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction Ding Yi (丁轶) 1; Luo Jun (罗俊) 1; Liu Limin (刘利民) 2 2017,25(3):16-16
201703017 AKR1B1 promotes basallike breast cancer progression by activating the EMT program Dong Chenfang (董辰方) 2017,25(3):17-17
201703018 RNA editing of SLC22A3 causes early tumor progression in familial esophageal cancer patients Fu Li (付利) 1; Guan Xinyuan (关新元) 2 2017,25(3):18-18
201703019 Multiple ocean surface temperature changes induced multi-decadal global warming rate Huang Gang (黄刚) 1; Jing Jia Luo 2; Yao Shuailei (姚帅磊)3; Wang Pengfei (王鹏飞)4 2017,25(3):19-19
201703020 The dynamics of 3D chromatin architecture in mammalian preimplantation embryos Xie Wei (颉伟) 2017,25(3):20-20
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