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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Copy
201603002 Briefing of the 13th Five-Year Development Plan of the National Natural Science Fund 2016,24(3):1-4
201603001 Press Conference on NSFC's 13th Five-Year Plan Held in State Council Information Office 2016,24(3):1-1
201603005 Direct asymmetric reductive amination for the synthesis of chiral β-arylamines Chang Mingxin (常明欣) 2016,24(3):5-5
201603006 Amotivation and anhedonia in schizophrenia spectrum disorders Chan C. K. (陈楚侨) 2016,24(3):6-6
201603007 Continuous directional water transport on the peristome surface of Nepenthes alata Chen Huawei (陈华伟), Zhang Deyuan (张德远), Jiang Lei (江雷) 2016,24(3):7-7
201603008 Iron-eating fungus etches hard mineral using acid and biomechanical force Chen Jun (陈骏) , Teng Hui (滕辉) 2016,24(3):8-8
201603009 The TatD-like DNase of Plasmodium mediates the interaction with Ets Chen Qijun 2016,24(3):9-9
201603010 Visualizing coherent intermolecular dipole-dipole coupling in real space Dong Zhenchao (董振超) , Hou Jianguo(侯建国) 2016,24(3):10-10
201603011 Contactless and rapid discrimination of improvised explosives by tailoring ZnS nanocrystals Dou Xincun (窦新存) 2016,24(3):11-11
201603012 A new theoretical model discloses the unexpected shape evolution of metal nanoparticles in water vapor environment Gao Yi (高嶷) 2016,24(3):12-12
201603013 Three-dimensional spatial transcriptome landscape for early mouse embryo Jing Naihe (景乃禾) 1, Han Jingdong (韩敬东)2 2016,24(3):13-13
201603014 Suppression of enhancer overactivation by RACK7 and KDM5C Lan Fei (蓝斐) , Shi Yang(施杨) 2016,24(3):14-14
201603015 RhesusBase: Understanding human biology in the genomic framework of rhesus macaque LiChuanyun (李川昀) 2016,24(3):15-15
201603016 New development for on-site detection of new peroxide explosives Li Haiyang(李海洋) 2016,24(3):16-16
201603017 Millennial-scale monsoon water vapor transport to the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Li Yu (李育) 2016,24(3):17-17
201603018 Copper nanoparticle@graphene composite arrays and their enhanced catalytic performance Li Yue(李越) 2016,24(3):18-18
201603019 Summer rainfall over the southwestern Tibetan Plateau controlled by deep convection over the Indian subcontinent Lin Yanluan (林岩銮) 2016,24(3):19-19
201603020 High color rendering index hybrid III-nitride/nanocrystals white light-emitting diodes Zhang Rong (张荣), Liu Bin (刘斌) 2016,24(3):20-20
201603021 Tracing hematopoietice stem cell formation at single-cell resolution Liu Bing (刘兵) 1, Tang Fuchou (汤富酬) 2 , Yuan Weiping(袁卫平) 3 2016,24(3):21-21
201603022 Functionalization mediates heat transport in graphene-based film Liu Jianying (刘建影) 2016,24(3):22-22
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