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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Copy
201604001 NSFC President Yang Wei Meets with RS President // NSFC Vice President Shen Yan Meets with Director General of IRRI 2016,24(4):1-1
201604002 NSFC Vice President He Minghong Meets with Deputy Minister of Egyptian MHESR // NSFC Vice President Liu Congqiang Attends the 10th AISAHORCs Meeting 2016,24(4):2-2
201604003 Lung epithelial TLR3 primes pre-metastatic niche formation Cao Xuetao (曹雪涛) 2016,24(4):3-3
201604004 Assembly of face-rotating molecular polyhedra Cao Xiaoyu (曹晓宇) 2016,24(4):4-4
201604005 PST TiAl single crystals for high temperature applications Chen Guang (陈光) 2016,24(4):5-5
201604006 Eu-activated dual-mode nano-bioprobes for in-vitro tumor marker detection Chen Xueyuan (陈学元),Hong Maochun (洪茂椿) 2016,24(4):6-6
201604007 Asian Monsoon variations on orbital to millennial timescales Cheng Hai (程海) 2016,24(4):7-7
201604008 Nanobubble fragmentation: A novel microdamage mechanism in metals Han Weizhong (韩卫忠),Shan Zhiwei (单智伟) 2016,24(4):8-8
201604009 Optomechanically induced non-reciprocity in the whispering gallery mode microresonator Dong Chunhua (董春华) 2016,24(4):9-9
201604010 Interactions between microorganisms and extracellular minerals Dong Hailiang (董海良) 2016,24(4):10-10
201604011 Origin of mysterious retinal waves Du Jiulin (杜久林) 2016,24(4):11-11
201604012 New smart textile can simultaneously harvest energy from sun and motion Fan Xing (范兴) 2016,24(4):12-12
201604013 Balancing carbon and water for sustainable revegetation in the Loess Plateau Fu Bojie (傅伯杰) 2016,24(4):13-13
201604014 Multi-organ site metastatic reactivation mediated by noncanonical discoidin domain receptor 1 signaling Gao Hua (高华) 2016,24(4):14-14
201604015 High efficiency Pb-In binary metal perovskite solar cells Liao Liangsheng (廖良生),Gao Xingyu (高兴宇) 2016,24(4):15-15
201604016 Single-molecule electric switches swing both ways Guo Xuefeng (郭雪峰) 2016,24(4):16-16
201604017 Risk factors, biomarkers and patho-mechanisms of chronic kidney disease Hou Fanfan (侯凡凡) 2016,24(4):17-17
201604018 Majorana zero mode detected with spin selective andreev reflection in the vortex of a topological superconductor Jia Jinfeng (贾金锋),Li Shaochun (李绍春),Xu Zhuan (许祝安),Zhou Yi (周毅),Zhang Fuchun (张富春),Fu Liang (傅亮) 2016,24(4):18-18
201604019 Hydrogel-based contact lens achieve prolonged, local drug delivery to the eye Jiang Gangbiao (蒋刚彪),Yuan Jin(袁进) 2016,24(4):19-19
201604020 Brainnetome Atlas: A new map of human brain Jiang Tianzai(蒋田仔) 2016,24(4):20-20
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