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Progress in Natural Science

Science Foundation in China
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 Research Results
The complete chemical synthesis of yeast chromosome XII

Dai Junbiao (戴俊彪)
Volume 25(2):1-1
Pleistocene archaic human crania from Xuchang, China

Wu Xiujie (吴秀杰)
Volume 25(2):2-2
Grain boundary stability governs hardening and softening in extremelyfine nanograined metals

Lu Ke (卢柯)
Volume 25(2):3-3
Key limitations in the assessment of global roadless areas

Wu Ruidong (武瑞东)
Volume 25(2):4-4
Low temperature hydrogen production from water and methanol over Pt/αMoC catalysts

Ma Ding (马丁) 1; Zhou Wu (周武) 2; Wen Xiaodong (温晓东) 3; Shi Chuan (石川) 4
Volume 25(2):5-5
Ultrastrong steel via minimal lattice misfit and high density nanoprecipitation

LV Zhaoping (吕昭平)
Volume 25(2):6-6
Derivation of stem cells with totipotent features in mice and humans

Deng Hongkui (邓宏魁)
Volume 25(2):7-7
CO maturation inefficiency sets up the baseline for elevated aneuploidy in human female meiosis

Zhang Liangran (张亮然)
Volume 25(2):8-8
Tumor suffocation by non-toxic nanoparticles

Shi Jianlin (施剑林); Bu Wenbo (步文博);
Volume 25(2):9-9
Aerosols shift aquatic ecosystems in Asia monsoon region

Chen Fahu (陈发虎)
Volume 25(2):10-10
Structure of an ATP sensitive potassium channel (KATP)

Chen Lei (陈雷) 1 Gao Ning (高宁) 2
Volume 25(2):11-11
Near ambient condition hydrogen storage in a synergized tri-component hydride system

Chen Ping (陈萍)
Volume 25(2):12-12
Switchable regioselectivity in amine catalysed asymmetric cycloadditions

Chen Yingchun (陈应春) 1; Ouyang Qin (欧阳勤) 2
Volume 25(2):13-13
Novel scheme of manipulating topological physics by using a single degenerate cavity

Guo Guangcan (郭光灿)
Volume 25(2):14-14
Epigenetic regulation of paired NLR receptors confers durable disease resistance without yield penalty in rice

He Zuhua (何祖华)
Volume 25(2):15-15
A cascade of redox reactions in the biosynthesis of the protein phosphatase-2A inhibitor rubratoxin A

Hu Youcai (胡友财);Yu Shishan (庾石山) Tang Yi (唐奕)
Volume 25(2):16-16
Progress review on the dark matter direct detection experiments

Liu Jianglai (刘江来); Chen Xun (谌勋); Ji Xiangdong (季向东)
Volume 25(2):17-17
Soybean adaptation to tropics

Kong Fanjiang (孔凡江)
Volume 25(2):18-18
RPA functions as a platform for coupling of nucleosome assembly to DNA replication

Li Qing (李晴)
Volume 25(2):19-19
JNK1 negatively controls antifungal innate immunity by suppressing CD23 expression

Lin Xin (林欣)
Volume 25(2):20-20
Femtosecond laser driven wire guided helical undulator for intense terahertz radiation

Liu Jiansheng (刘建胜)
Volume 25(2):21-21
Observation of topological valley transport of sound in sonic crystals

Liu Zhengyou (刘正猷) ; Qiu Chunyin (邱春印)
Volume 25(2):22-22
An air-stable ultrahigh-mobility two-dimensional Bi2O2Se semiconductor

Peng Hailin (彭海琳)
Volume 25(2):23-23
Comprehensive resistome analysis reveals the prevalence of NDM and MCR-1 in Chinese poultry production

Shen Jianzhong (沈建忠)
Volume 25(2):24-24
Researchers revealed a neural mechanism underlying body temperature regulation

Shen Wei (沈伟)
Volume 25(2):25-25
New DNA probe for studying cell membrane interactions

Tan Weihong(谭蔚泓)
Volume 25(2):26-26
Asymmetric trifluoromethoxylation with new reagent

Tang Pingping (汤平平)
Volume 25(2):27-27
Stable ZnO/Sb2Se3 solar cells with 6% efficiency

Tang Jiang (唐江)
Volume 25(2):28-28
Electric field control of deterministic current induced magnetization switching in a hybrid ferromagnetic/ferroelectric structur

Wang Kaiyou (王开友)
Volume 25(2):29-29
Two distant catalytic sites are responsible for C2c2 RNase activities

Wang Yanli (王艳丽)
Volume 25(2):30-30
Deterministic generation of twin fock state in 87Rb Bose Einstein condensate

You Li (尤力); Meng Khoon Tey (郑盟锟)
Volume 25(2):31-31
Joule heated sorbent design enables faster cleanup of viscous crude oil spill

Yu Shuhong (俞书宏)
Volume 25(2):32-32
Hypersensitive dual-function luminescence switching of a silverchalcogenolate cluster based metal organic framework

Zang Shuangquan (臧双全)
Volume 25(2):33-33
Ternary titanium oxo cluster/CdS/MIL-101 photocatalyst for H2 evolution

Zhang Jian (张健); Zhang Lei (张磊)
Volume 25(2):34-34
Evaporation-driven water flow induced electricity from porous carbon film

Zhou Jun(周军)1 ; Guo Wanlin (郭万林)2 ;Deng Shaozhi (邓少芝) 3; Chen Jian (陈建)3
Volume 25(2):35-35
Extreme behaviors of the geomagnetic field during the Holocene revealed by archaeointensity results from China

Zhu Rixiang (朱日祥)
Volume 25(2):36-36
SMURF2 regulates bone homeostasis by disrupting SMAD3 interaction with vitamin D receptor in osteoblasts

Zou Weiguo (邹卫国)
Volume 25(2):37-37
Recent advances in partially coherent beams with prescribed degrees of coherence

CAI YangJian (蔡阳健)*, WANG Fei, CHEN YaHong & LIU XianLong
Volume 25(2):38-60
New-concept swirl flame dynamics coupling plasma and particles

CUI Wei, REN YiHua& LI ShuiQing(李水清)*
Volume 25(2):61-80
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