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Progress in Natural Science

Science Foundation in China
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 News in brief
NSFC President Yang Wei Meets with Brown University Delegation // NSFC Signs MoU with SNSF

Volume 24(2):1-1
NSFC President Yang Wei Meets with SAGE Delegation // NSFC Vice President Liu Congqiang Meets with Sri Lankan S&T Delegation

Volume 24(2):2-2
 Research Results
Development and application of bond-cleavage reactions in bioorthogonal chemistry

Chen Peng
Volume 24(2):3-3
Behavior selection controlled by a dopaminergic-inhibitory neural circuit

Du Jiulin
Volume 24(2):4-4
Vaccine engineering with mineral shell: A promising strategy to overcome preexisting immunity

Tang Ruikang 1,Chen Ling 2,Qin Chengfeng3
Volume 24(2):5-5
Accelerated crystallization of zeolites via hydroxyl free radicals

Yu Jihong 1, Su Jihu 2
Volume 24(2):6-6
Ultrafast dynamics probes single-layer FeSe/SrTiO3 interface superconductivity

Zhao Jimin 1, Xue Qikun 2, Ma Xucun 2, Wang Lili 2
Volume 24(2):7-7
Variable intra-tumor genomic heterogeneity of multiple lesions in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Bai Fan 1, Zhang Ning 2
Volume 24(2):8-8
Formation of NH4 HSO4 from hydrated NH3 and SO3: Implication to nucleation of PM2.5 fine particles

Zeng Xiaocheng
Volume 24(2):9-9
Autophagy orchestratesultrafine particle-induced inflammation and mucus hyperproduction in airway epithelium

Shen Huahao, Chen Zhihua
Volume 24(2):10-10
A discovery on the mechanism of Gut microbiomehomeostasis in mosquitoes

Cheng Gong
Volume 24(2):11-11
Scientists uncover the innate fear “switch” neurons in mice

Duan Shumin, Wang Hao
Volume 24(2):12-12
Fast and coherent-breakthrough in semiconductor hybrid qubit

Guo Guoping
Volume 24(2):13-13
Excitation of asymmetric surface plasmons based on EIT dark mode coupling

Han Jiaguang, Zhang Weili
Volume 24(2):14-14
Graphene/Ruaerogels with hierarchical and three-dimensional porosity as a freestanding cathode for rechargeable Li-O2 batteries

He Ping, Zhou Haoshen
Volume 24(2):15-15
Electrochemical analysis mechanism on different crystal phases of nano-Fe2O3 revealed by EXAFS

Huang Xingjiu 1, Huang Yuying 2, Li Lina 2
Volume 24(2):16-16
Precision medicine in prophylaxis of graft-versus-host disease

Huang Xiaojun
Volume 24(2):17-17
Electromagnetic wave-induced photoelectric effect for sensitive THz detection

Huang Zhiming, Chu Junhao
Volume 24(2):18-18
Photo-cross-linked scaffold with kartogenin-encapsulated nanoparticles for cartilage regeneration

Jiang Qing 1, Gu Zhen 2
Volume 24(2):19-19
Drug target for the treatment of MRSA (a superbug) infections

Lan Lefu 1, Li Jian 2
Volume 24(2):20-20
Comprehensive mechanism of human bone mesenchymal stem cells rescuing fulminant hepatic failure in pigs

Li Jun 1, Li Lanjuan 1, Chen Xin 2
Volume 24(2):21-21
An ultra-highly stable and selective porous ion conductive membrane for vanadium flow battery

Li Xianfeng, Zhang Huamin
Volume 24(2):22-22
Paternal psychological stress reprograms hepatic gluconeogenesis in offspring

Li Xiaoying, Chen Xuejin
Volume 24(2):23-23
Regulation of inflammation by the REGγ-proteasome

Li Xiaotao 1, Xiao Jianru 2
Volume 24(2):24-24
One-component intramolecular thiol-yne approach to peptide stapling

Li Zigang
Volume 24(2):25-25
Electric field excitation and non-equilibrium dynamics of polypeptide/DNA protocells

Liang Dehai
Volume 24(2):26-26
Small activating RNA binds to the genomic target site in a seed-region-dependent manner

Liang Zicai
Volume 24(2):27-27
Understanding the modulation of c-Maf stability in multiple myeloma

Mao Xinliang
Volume 24(2):28-28
Molecular mechanism of ribosomal back-translocation

Qin Yan 1, Gao Ning 2
Volume 24(2):29-29
Highly integrated and transparent circuits fabricated by embedded inkjet printing

Song Yanlin
Volume 24(2):30-30
Bayesian nanoscopy reveals live-cell RNA polymerase II clustering dynamics

Sun Yujie
Volume 24(2):31-31
A global view of membrane organization reveals anti-microbial functions of lysosome related organelle in dendritic cells

Wan Ying 1, Li Qijing 2
Volume 24(2):32-32
Mutations in TUBB8 cause human oocyte meiotic arrest

Wang Lei
Volume 24(2):33-33
Structural isomerism in gold nanoparticles

Wu Zhikun
Volume 24(2):34-34
Bacillus bombysepticus α-toxin binding to G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 regulates cAMP/PKA signaling pathway to induce host death

Lin Ping
Volume 24(2):35-35
The molecular mechanisms of the mechanosensitive Piezo1 ion channel

Xiao Bailong
Volume 24(2):36-36
Two-photon-pumped perovskite semiconductor nanocrystal lasers with remarkable low thresholds

Xiao Min, Zhang Chunfeng
Volume 24(2):37-37
Novel whispering-gallery microsensor for single nanoparticle detection

Xiao Yunfeng
Volume 24(2):38-38
Ultrathin two-dimensional hybrid materials for carbon dioxide electroreduction to liquid fuel

Xie Yi, Sun Yongfu
Volume 24(2):39-39
Bidirectional signal transducer ephrin-B3: Wire neuronal circuits for innate fear

Xu Nanjie
Volume 24(2):40-40
Nanoparticle generator improves chemotherapeutic delivery to metastatic TNBC

Xu Rong 1, Shen Haifa 2
Volume 24(2):41-41
Realization of the contextuality-nonlocality tradeoff with a qubit-qutrit photon pair

Xue Peng
Volume 24(2):42-42
New B—H...π hydrogen bond

Yan Hong
Volume 24(2):43-43
Delineation of a new mechanism underlying accurate mitosis and chromosome stability

Yao Xuebiao, Liu Xing
Volume 24(2):44-44
Transcriptome-wide mapping of dynamic and reversible N1-methyladenosine methylome

Yi Chengqi
Volume 24(2):45-45
New light shed on hand, foot, and mouth disease transmission dynamic and enterovirus 71 vaccination strategies

Yu Hongjie
Volume 24(2):46-46
Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 nanowires

Yu Dapeng
Volume 24(2):47-47
Macroscopic 3D plasmonic superlattice arrays by evaporative self-assembly

Yu Xuefeng 1, Paul K. Chu 2
Volume 24(2):48-48
Protein catenation in vivo

Zhang Wenbin
Volume 24(2):49-49
Genomic incompatibilities in the diploid and tetraploid offspring of the goldfish x common carp cross

Zhang Yaping 1, Liu Shaojun 2
Volume 24(2):50-50
Nested timed automata with various clocks

WANG YuWei a, LI GuoQiang a,* YUEN Shojib
Volume 24(2):51-68
Towards sustainable protection against insect-borne plant viral diseases: Phytohormones and beyond

WANG Ning 1, 2, #YAO XiangMei 1, # ZHU ChangXiang 2,WEN FuJiang 2, * YE Jian 1*
Volume 24(2):69-80
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