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Progress in Natural Science

Science Foundation in China
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 News in brief
NSFC President Yang Wei Meets with RS President // NSFC Vice President Shen Yan Meets with Director General of IRRI

Volume 24(4):1-1
NSFC Vice President He Minghong Meets with Deputy Minister of Egyptian MHESR // NSFC Vice President Liu Congqiang Attends the 10th AISAHORCs Meeting

Volume 24(4):2-2
 Research Results
Lung epithelial TLR3 primes pre-metastatic niche formation

Cao Xuetao (曹雪涛)
Volume 24(4):3-3
Assembly of face-rotating molecular polyhedra

Cao Xiaoyu (曹晓宇)
Volume 24(4):4-4
PST TiAl single crystals for high temperature applications

Chen Guang (陈光)
Volume 24(4):5-5
Eu-activated dual-mode nano-bioprobes for in-vitro tumor marker detection

Chen Xueyuan (陈学元),Hong Maochun (洪茂椿)
Volume 24(4):6-6
Asian Monsoon variations on orbital to millennial timescales

Cheng Hai (程海)
Volume 24(4):7-7
Nanobubble fragmentation: A novel microdamage mechanism in metals

Han Weizhong (韩卫忠),Shan Zhiwei (单智伟)
Volume 24(4):8-8
Optomechanically induced non-reciprocity in the whispering gallery mode microresonator

Dong Chunhua (董春华)
Volume 24(4):9-9
Interactions between microorganisms and extracellular minerals

Dong Hailiang (董海良)
Volume 24(4):10-10
Origin of mysterious retinal waves

Du Jiulin (杜久林)
Volume 24(4):11-11
New smart textile can simultaneously harvest energy from sun and motion

Fan Xing (范兴)
Volume 24(4):12-12
Balancing carbon and water for sustainable revegetation in the Loess Plateau

Fu Bojie (傅伯杰)
Volume 24(4):13-13
Multi-organ site metastatic reactivation mediated by noncanonical discoidin domain receptor 1 signaling

Gao Hua (高华)
Volume 24(4):14-14
High efficiency Pb-In binary metal perovskite solar cells

Liao Liangsheng (廖良生),Gao Xingyu (高兴宇)
Volume 24(4):15-15
Single-molecule electric switches swing both ways

Guo Xuefeng (郭雪峰)
Volume 24(4):16-16
Risk factors, biomarkers and patho-mechanisms of chronic kidney disease

Hou Fanfan (侯凡凡)
Volume 24(4):17-17
Majorana zero mode detected with spin selective andreev reflection in the vortex of a topological superconductor

Jia Jinfeng (贾金锋),Li Shaochun (李绍春),Xu Zhuan (许祝安),Zhou Yi (周毅),Zhang Fuchun (张富春),Fu Liang (傅亮)
Volume 24(4):18-18
Hydrogel-based contact lens achieve prolonged, local drug delivery to the eye

Jiang Gangbiao (蒋刚彪),Yuan Jin(袁进)
Volume 24(4):19-19
Brainnetome Atlas: A new map of human brain

Jiang Tianzai(蒋田仔)
Volume 24(4):20-20
Manipulating the interfacial energetics of n-type silicon photoanode for efficient water oxidation

Li Can (李灿)
Volume 24(4):21-21
A nonlocal quantum simulator and simulation of superluminality

Li Chuanfeng(李传锋)
Volume 24(4):22-22
Biotic interchange between the Indian subcontinent and mainland Asia through time

Li Jiatang (李家堂)
Volume 24(4):23-23
Source dynamics of carbonaceous aerosol during the haze bloomdecay process in China based on radiocarbon and organic molecular tracer

Li Jun (李军)
Volume 24(4):24-24
Super-resolution microscopy reveals the distribution of targeted molecules in the complex matrix

Li Junbai (李峻柏)
Volume 24(4):25-25
Osteoclast-derived microRNA-containing exosomes selectively inhibit osteoblast activity

Li Yingxian (李英贤)
Volume 24(4):26-26
Strong terahertz bursts driven by intense fem to second laser pulses

Li Yutong (李玉同),Zhang Jie (张杰),Sheng Zhengming (盛政明)
Volume 24(4):27-27
In vivo epidermal migration requires focal adhesion targeting of ACF7

Liang Hong (梁宏)
Volume 24(4):28-28
International trade and globalization of aerosol climate forcing

Lin Jintai (林金泰)
Volume 24(4):29-29
Critical roles of sirtuin 1 in vascular aging and abdominal aortic aneurysm

Liu Depei (刘德培)
Volume 24(4):30-30
Enantioselective cyanation of benzylic C—H bonds via coppercatalyzed radical relay

Liu Guosheng (刘国生)
Volume 24(4):31-31
Insulin modulates hepatic circadian clock via posttranslational regulation of Bmal1

Liu Yi (刘浥)
Volume 24(4):32-32
Ion resonance causes striations in electronegative rf glow discharges

Liu Yongxin (刘永新)
Volume 24(4):33-33
CRISPR-based riboswitches for redirecting the fate of cancer cells

Liu Yuchen (刘宇辰)
Volume 24(4):34-34
Development and validation of a radiomics nomogram for preoperative prediction of lymph node metastasis in colorectal cancer

Liu Zaiyi (刘再毅),Tian Jie (田捷)
Volume 24(4):35-35
Assembly mechanisms and energy transfer pathways deciphered in the cryo-EM structure of spinach photosystem II-LHCII supercomplex

Liu Zhenfeng (柳振峰),Zhang Xinzheng (章新政),Li Mei (李梅)
Volume 24(4):36-36
Priorities for implementing sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Lu Yonglong (吕永龙)
Volume 24(4):37-37
Detection of near infrared light illumination with the aid of none-metal plasmonic nanocrystals

Luo LinBao (罗林保)
Volume 24(4):38-38
An efficient and long-lived quantum memory for quantum repeater

Pan Jianwei (潘建伟),Bao Xiaohui (包小辉)
Volume 24(4):39-39
Comprehensive metabolomic characterization of coronary artery diseases

Qi Lianwen (齐炼文)
Volume 24(4):40-40
Shanghai TMRT discovered a new dense molecular cloud rich in long carbon-chain molecules

Shen Zhiqiang (沈志强)
Volume 24(4):41-41
Chemical signals coordinate the dispersal of a plant-parasitic nematode with the metamorphosis of its vector beetle

Sun Jianghua (孙江华)
Volume 24(4):42-42
Bile acids control inflammation and metabolic disorder through inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome

Wang Di (王迪)
Volume 24(4):43-43
Observation of the efimovian expansion in scale invariant fermi gases

Wu Haibin (武海斌)
Volume 24(4):44-44
Zeeman splitting and dynamical mass generation in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5

Xiu Faxian (修发贤)
Volume 24(4):45-45
Discovery of the long-sought functional RAG transposon

Xu Anlong (徐安龙)
Volume 24(4):46-46
Realization of quantum anomalous hall effect at tens of kelvin by n-p codoping of topological insulators

Xu Xiaohong (许小红)
Volume 24(4):47-47
Permafrost carbon inventory on the Tibetan Plateau

Yang Yuanhe (杨元合)
Volume 24(4):48-48
Efficient control of chronic viral infection by CXCR5-expressing CD8 T cells

Ye Lilin (叶丽林)
Volume 24(4):49-49
Molecular mechanism of cross-talk between abscisic acid and RALF peptide in Arabidopsis

Yu Feng (于峰)
Volume 24(4):50-50
New light shed on global epidemiology of avian influenza A H5N1 virus infection in humans, 1997—2015

Yu Hongjie (余宏杰)
Volume 24(4):51-51
Fabrication of authentic nacre by matrix-directed mineralization

Yu Shuhong (俞书宏)
Volume 24(4):52-52
Photocontrol of fluid slugs in liquid crystal polymer microactuators

Yu Yanlei (俞燕蕾)
Volume 24(4):53-53
Electrical coupling regulates layer 1 interneuron microcircuit formation in the neocortex

Yu Yongchun (禹永春)
Volume 24(4):54-54
The allopolyploid B. juncea genome uncovered differential homoeolog gene expression influencing selection

Zhang Mingfang (张明方)
Volume 24(4):55-55
Strong metal-support interactions between gold nanoparticles and nonoxides

Zhang Tao (张涛),
Volume 24(4):56-56
Co2C nanoprisms for direct production of olefins from syngas

Zhong Liangshu (钟良枢),Sun Yuhan (孙予罕)
Volume 24(4):57-57
Early fossil fish from China illuminates jaw evolution

Zhu Min (朱敏)
Volume 24(4):58-58
Intertexture of the pluripotency transcriptional network and epigenetic remodeling during somatic reprogramming

ZHOU ZhiWei 1,2, LIU He 1,2 CHEN JieKai 1,2*
Volume 24(4):59-66
High-performance bulk thermoelectric materials and devices

QIN YuTing 1,2,3, ZHANG QiHao 1,2,3, QIU PengFei 1,2, BAI ShengQiang 1,2, SHI Xun 1,2,* CHEN LiDong 1,2,*
Volume 24(4):67-80
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