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Progress in Natural Science

Science Foundation in China
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 News in brief
Press Conference on NSFC's Project Funding Progress of 2017 Held in State Council Information Office // International Symposium on Funding Science and People Cooperation for a Prosperous Belt and Road Successfully held in Beijing

Volume 25(3):1-1
NSFC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with INSF // NSFC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with MFST

Volume 25(3):2-2
NSFC Signs New Agreement Annex with BRFFR // NSFC Signs MoU on Research Cooperation with SRNSF

Volume 25(3):3-3
President Yang Wei Meets with European Research Council Delegation // Vice President Liu Congqiang Meets with President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Volume 25(3):4-4
 Research Results
Mechanism of chromatin remodeling revealed by the Snf2-nucleosome structure

Chen Zhucheng (陈柱成) ; Li Xueming (李雪明)
Volume 25(3):5-5
A novel lncRNA SLERT regulates DDX21 rings associated with Pol I transcription

Chen Lingling (陈玲玲)
Volume 25(3):6-6
A natural allele of Bsr-d1 in rice confers broad spectrum blast resistance

Chen Xuewei (陈学伟)
Volume 25(3):7-7
Beyond the conventional Dirac-Weyl-Majorana classification Observation of three component fermions in the topological semimetal molybdenum phosphide

Ding Hong (丁洪); Qian Tian (钱天); Shi Youguo (石友国)
Volume 25(3):8-8
Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes autophagy-mediated chemoresistance in patients with colorectal cancer

Fang Jingyuan (房静远)
Volume 25(3):9-9
How success feeds success—mouse study may tell how

Hu Hailan (胡海岚)
Volume 25(3):10-10
Increase in acidifying water in the western Arctic Ocean

Chen Liqi (陈立奇)
Volume 25(3):11-11
Alloying cobalt with ruthenium in nitrogen doped graphene layers for developing highly active hydrogen evolution electrocatalysts in alkaline media

Chen Qianwang (陈乾旺)
Volume 25(3):12-12
The global mean sea level rise, still accelerated

Chen Xianyao (陈显尧)
Volume 25(3):13-13
Modeling Rett syndrome using TALEN-edited MECP2 mutant cynomolgus monkeys

Chen Yongchang (陈永昌)
Volume 25(3):14-14
PINOID phosphorylates CONSTUTIVELY PHOTOMORPHOGENIC 1 and promotes photomorphogenic development in Arabidopsis

Deng Xingwang (邓兴旺)
Volume 25(3):15-15
Monitoring the surface evolution of a nanoporous core-shell electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

Ding Yi (丁轶) 1; Luo Jun (罗俊) 1; Liu Limin (刘利民) 2
Volume 25(3):16-16
AKR1B1 promotes basallike breast cancer progression by activating the EMT program

Dong Chenfang (董辰方)
Volume 25(3):17-17
RNA editing of SLC22A3 causes early tumor progression in familial esophageal cancer patients

Fu Li (付利) 1; Guan Xinyuan (关新元) 2
Volume 25(3):18-18
Multiple ocean surface temperature changes induced multi-decadal global warming rate

Huang Gang (黄刚) 1; Jing Jia Luo 2; Yao Shuailei (姚帅磊)3; Wang Pengfei (王鹏飞)4
Volume 25(3):19-19
The dynamics of 3D chromatin architecture in mammalian preimplantation embryos

Xie Wei (颉伟)
Volume 25(3):20-20
Hidden atomic ‘repacking’ at medium-range order in supercooled Pd-Ni-P metallic liquids

Lan Si (兰司) 1; Wang Xunli (王循理)
Volume 25(3):21-21
Cubic perovskite fluoride as open framework cathode for Na-ion batteries

Li Chilin (李驰麟)
Volume 25(3):22-22
Lignocellulose pretreatment in fungus-cultivating termite

Li Hongjie (李鸿杰)1; Mo Jianchu (莫建初)1; Cameron R Currie 2; John Ralph 2
Volume 25(3):23-23
Stripe-type charge ordering developed at the strong limit of nematicity in FeSe film

Li Wei (李渭) 1; Chen Xi (陈曦) 1 ; Xue Qikun (薛其坤) 1; Shen Zhixun (沈志勋) 2
Volume 25(3):24-24
An ancient origin of bacterial magnetic navigation and biomineralization

Lin Wei (林巍); Pan Yongxin (潘永信)
Volume 25(3):25-25
On-chip threshold-less Cherenkov radiation

Liu Fang (刘仿); Huang Yidong (黄翊东)
Volume 25(3):26-26
Mutations in human Piwi cause male infertility

Liu Mofang (刘默芳) 1; Shi Huijuan (施惠娟) 2
Volume 25(3):27-27
Magnetic-tunneling-induced Weyl node annihilation in TaP

Jia Shuang (贾爽) 1; Lu Haizhou (卢海舟) 2; Wang Junfeng (王俊峰) 3;
Volume 25(3):28-28
Carbon-free energetic metal pentazolate hydrates

Lu Ming (陆明)
Volume 25(3):29-29
Atomic-layered Au clusters on α-MoC as catalysts for the lowtemperature water-gas shift reaction

Ma Ding (马丁) 1; José A. Rodriguez 2; Shi Chuan (石川) 3
Volume 25(3):30-30
Ephrin-B1-mediated regulation of germinal center T-cell territoriality and function

Qi Hai (祁海)
Volume 25(3):31-31
Efficient and collective total synthesis of natural products via radical cascade reactions

Qin Yong (秦勇)
Volume 25(3):32-32
New function of an old molecule-VCAM1 guides neural stem cells from proliferation to quiescence

Shen Qin (沈沁)
Volume 25(3):33-33
Adaptive self-assembly and induced-fit transformations of anion binding metal-organic macrocyclic receptors

Sun Qingfu (孙庆福)
Volume 25(3):34-34
Photoblinkingpolymer dots shine in super-resolution fluorescence imaging

Sun Yujie (孙育杰); Wu Changfeng
Volume 25(3):35-35
Phosphorylation induces pH-sensitive conformational dynamics for ubiquitin

Tang Chun (唐淳) 1; Zhang Weiping (张纬萍) 2 ; Liu Zhu (刘主) 2
Volume 25(3):36-36
Compressed glassy carbon: A novel form of carbon with previously unachievable property combinations

Zhao Zhisheng (赵智胜) ; Tian Yongjun (田永君)
Volume 25(3):37-37
Multiple channels of relaxation in glasses

Luo Peng (罗鹏) ; Wang Weihua (汪卫华)
Volume 25(3):38-38
Intrinsic BET inhibitor resistance in SPOP-mutated prostate cancer is mediated by BET protein stabilization and AKT-mTORC1 activation

Wang Chenji (王陈继) 1; Huang Haojie (黄浩杰) 2; Sun Yinhao (孙颖浩)3
Volume 25(3):39-39
Vegetation biomass dynamics in a desert ecosystem in NW China

Wang Xinping (王新平)
Volume 25(3):40-40
Placental mammals underwent a continuous radiation across the KPg boundary

Wu Shaoyuan (伍少远)
Volume 25(3):41-41
Gapless spinliquid ground state in the S=1/2 kagome antiferromagnet

Xiang Tao (向涛); Bruce Normand
Volume 25(3):42-42
Oncogenic Ras/PI3K/Her2 share a common pathway in promoting cancer metastasis via inhibiting expression of p53-related ΔNp63α

Xiao Zhixiong (肖智雄)
Volume 25(3):43-43
A dominant role of internal climate variability in controlling Atlantic multidecadal variability during the past 1200 years

Yang Bao (杨保)
Volume 25(3):44-44
A new multiaxial molecular ferroelectric displays giant d33 comparable to BTO

You Yumeng (游雨蒙) ; Xiong Rengen (熊仁根)
Volume 25(3):45-45
Neutrophilmediated anticancer drug delivery for suppression of postoperative malignant glioma recurrence

Zhang Can (张灿)
Volume 25(3):46-46
Extinction event that wiped out dinosaurs cleared way for modern frogs

Zhang Peng (张鹏)
Volume 25(3):47-47
Non-equilibrium effect in the allosteric regulation of the bacterial flagellar switch

Yuan Junhua (袁军华) ; Zhang Rongjing (张榕京)
Volume 25(3):48-48
Domestication and improvement of cotton: From tree cotton to American upland cotton and to the world's largest fiber crop

Zhang Tianzhen(张天真)
Volume 25(3):49-49
Chlorodifluoromethane triggered formation of difluoromethylated arenes catalyzed by palladium

Zhang Xingang (张新刚)
Volume 25(3):50-50
Shear stress between bilayer graphene measured by atomistic thick bubble technique

Zhang Zhong (张忠) 1; Liu Luqi (刘璐琪)1 ;Xu Zhiping (徐志平) 2
Volume 25(3):51-51
RNAi can be an antiviral immunity in mammals

Zhou Xi (周溪) 1; Qin Chengfeng (秦成峰) 2
Volume 25(3):52-52
Crystal structure of fulllength human glucagon receptor reveals novel receptor activation mechanisms

Wu Beili (吴蓓丽);Wang Mingwei ; Jiang Hualiang
Volume 25(3):53-53
Efficient purification of 1,3-butadiene

Zhang Jiepeng (张杰鹏)
Volume 25(3):54-54
Single cell RNA-seq revealed landscape of infiltrating T cells in HBV+ liver cancer

Zhang Zemin (张泽民) 1; Peng Jirun (彭吉润) 2; Ouyang Wenjun (欧阳文君) 3
Volume 25(3):55-55
Triple faced oxide: Electric-field controlled dual-ion switch

Yu Pu (于浦)
Volume 25(3):56-56
Estimating mean trabecular bone spacing based on the combination of Hilbert transform and fundamental frequency estimation

LI Ying (李颖)1, XU Feng (徐峰)1, LIU ChengCheng (刘成成)2, a), XU KaiLiang (许凯亮)3, TA DeAn (他得安)1,4,5,b)& WANG WeiQi (王威琪)1
Volume 25(3):57-71
Generation and propagation of internal wave and its interaction with ocean structures

ZOU Li (邹丽)1,2*, HU YingJie (胡英杰)1,2, ZONG Zhi (宗智)1,2, YU ZongBing (于宗冰)1,2 & PEI YuGuo (裴玉国)1,2
Volume 25(3):72-80
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