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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
2008455 Artificial immune kernel clustering network for unsupervised image segmentation Wenlong Huang, Licheng Jiao 2008,18(4):455-462 16527
618 Effects of lanthanum and gadolinium on proliferation and differentiation of primary osteoblasts Zhang Dawei, Zhang Jinchao, Chen Yao, Yang Mengsu and Yao Xinsheng 2007,17(5):618-623 8796
2009291 Progress in electrical energy storage system: A critical review Haisheng Chen, Thang Ngoc Cong, Wei Yang, Chunqing Tan, Yongliang Li,Yulong Ding 2009,19(3):291-312 4751
20081465 Progress in modeling of fluid flows in crystal growth processes Qisheng Chen, Yanni Jiang, Junyi Yan, Ming Qin 2008,18(12):1465-1474 4320
331 Multiple constraints QoS multicast routing optimization algorithm in MANET based on GA Baolin Sun a,c), Shangchao Pi b), Chao Gui a), Yue Zeng d), Bing Yan a), Wenxiang Wang c), Qianqing Qin c) 2008,18(3):331-336 4129
21 Magnetic rotation imaging method to measure the geomagnetic field Xiaojun Li, Jintao Bai, Yongan Li, Xiaoniu Li, Yuanyuan Wang, Xiaoqiang Feng 2008,18(1):21-26 4063
13 Overview of HBV whole genome data in public repositories and the Chinese HBV reference sequences Guanghua Wu a,b), Huiguo Ding c), Changqing Zeng b) 2008,18(1):13-20 3283
20081329 Crystalline mesoporous metal oxide Wenbo Yue, Wuzong Zhou 2008,18(11):1329-1338 3146
919 Microbial communities in microcosm soils treated with battery waste Han Xuemei, Guo Weihua, Wang Renqing and Wang Mengcheng 2007,17(8):919-926 3060
20100101 Nonvolatile resistive switching memories-characteristics, mechanisms and challenges Feng PAN, Chao CHEN, Zhi-shun WANG, Yu-chao YANG, Jing YANG, Fei ZENG 2010,20(1):1-15 2955
1115989279390717 Atomic phase diagram LI Shichun 2004,14(2):113-118 2820
584 Daily variation of carbon flux in soils of Populus euphratica forests in the middle and lower reaches of the Tarim River Huang Xiang, Chen Yaning, Li Weihong, Ma Jianxin and Chen Yapeng 2007,17(5):584-590 2777
200901 Progress in modifications and applications of fluorescent dye probe Xuening Fei,Yingchun Gu 2009,19(1):1-8 2776
2008777 Carbon nanotube and conducting polymer composites for supercapacitors Chuang Peng, Shengwen Zhang, Daniel Jewell, George Z. Chen 2008,18(7):777-788 2746
20081069 Characterization of codon usage bias in the dUTPase gene of duck enteritis virus Lichan Zhao a), Anchun Cheng a,b), Mingshu Wang a,b), Guiping Yuan c), Mingsheng Cai a) 2008,18(9):1069-1076 2744
2009789 Phylogeography of regional fauna on the Tibetan Plateau: A review Shujuan Yang, Hailiang Dong, Fumin Lei 2009,19(7):789-799 2706
20091173 Potential fly-ash utilization in agriculture: A global review Manisha Basu, Manish Pande, P.B.S. Bhadoria, S.C. Mahapatra 2009,19(10):1173-1186 2622
1527 Dynamic learning rates algorithm for BPNN to forecast time series of dam security Hu Daiping, Wu Ruiming, Lei Aizhong, Wang Qi 2007,17(12):1527-1530 2576
1148287046827155 Seeing a new dimension-The past decade’s developments on electrical impedance tomography Mi WANG 2005,15(13):1-13 2566
20091011 Deterministic learning from control of nonlinear systems with disturbances Guopeng Zhou, Cong Wang 2009,19(8):1011-1019 2555
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